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Friday, September 18, 2015

Finding Balance

This post has been a long time coming.  I've formulated it in my head several times, but never have the time to sit down and write it.  I've battled as to whether anyone would even want to read it.  But today I'm taking a few minutes to get everything down.  Today marks the end of the 4th week that the kids of have been in school.  Where could the time have possibly gone I wonder.  But when I review my time sheets and discover I've been working 20 hour weeks, once I add in exercising, laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, and MOPs, it's not hard to figure out.  I am definitely looking forward to a slower pace once this month ends.

We have passed the 1 year anniversary of the tree landing on our roof.  Last night we had some bad storms and James and I definitely had trouble sleeping.  At one point he came into our room and climbed into bed and snuggled into my arms.  What's amazing is that I didn't even have to move, I was already laying in position for him to join me, as though God had orchestrated the whole thing.  We snuggled for a few minutes and then Jon took him back to his room.  We're moving forward though, and my trembling hands seem to shake a bit less with each storm.  Someday soon I also hope to be able to say that the repairs are fully completed.

I have been trying to take some more time for me this school year.  For the past 7 years I have really focused on the kids, squeezing in exercising, reading, and soccer if I could.  Now that they're older and in school all day, I have a bit more control over my time.  I've done a lot of research over the years about the best way to eat and the best way to exercise.  But honestly, nothing I've done ever seemed to work.  Lots of places seem to say that you should always lift heavy and running is unnecessary.  A person should be able to lose weight simply by walking and eating right, only lift once you have lost the weight.  That never quite sat right with me.  I have a lot of muscle mass from when I lifted in college.  If I start just walking, that muscle will likely turn to fat and then I have even more to lose.  And as much as I hate running, I want to be able to play soccer without worrying about conserving my energy.  Well, today I finished the C25K program.  In 30 minutes I only ran about 2.25 miles, but I did run the whole time and I ran somewhat quickly for 4.5 minutes of that.  Next week I'm starting the program over with a goal to pick up the pace throughout the entire thing.  I've also been lifting, but choose to do 8 reps in an attempt to focus on endurance rather than pure strength.  I was going to wait to post until Monday when I'll see how much weight I've lost.  But I don't really care about the number on the scale that much.  Today when I ran, I was able to pull my running pants over my stomach and it stayed the entire time.  Those of that are moms will understand how that is such great proof that something good is happening in my body.  So in case anyone is wondering, here's the program I've done for the last 3 weeks with the weights/reps from this week:

Mon: Week 9, Day 1 - Assisted pullups 3x8 - Bench 55, 60, 65; 8, 8, 15 - Leg lifts 11, 11, 13 - Press 45, 45, 50; 8, 8, 8 - Back Extensions 12, 12, 14
Tues: Walk ~2mi, Stretch 10 minutes
Wed: Week 9, Day 2 - Incline pullup 3x8 - Squat 60, 65, 70; 8, 8, 15 - Ball Tuck 10, 10, 14 - Hamstring Curls 16, 16, 24
Thurs: Walk ~2mi, Stretch 10 minutes
Fri: Week 9, Day 3 - Negatives 3x8 - Hang Clean 45, 55, 60; 8, 8, 12 - Pushup 9, 9, 11 - Bent Row 45, 55, 60; 8, 8, 12

The last set when lifting is always AMRAP/15 to help me determine how I should adjust the weight the next time.  I am still trying to determine where I should best be for bench and squat, but those have always been pretty strong for me.  It is nice to feel strong again without constantly being sore.  I was even able to work out today despite not sleeping great last night and having the beginning of a cold the last couple days.  I think the exercising is helping my body to fight off these germs.

Have a great weekend!  I hope to have more time to write in the coming weeks about everything else going on with our family.