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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Brithday Carolyn!

Carolyn turned 4 yesterday!  Didn't have time to write since I was busy decorating her Curious George cupcake cake and cleaning for the party.  She had a wonderful time with two of her friends, Ellison and Lily on Friday.  And then we had family over yesterday afternoon.  Carolyn is quite spoiled and received everything on her list.  Although how can you say no to an alarm clock, big girl bike, books, clothes, and gardening tools?  I love that we have low key parties where she gets a chance to visit/play with everyone here.

Things have been pretty busy otherwise as well.  Jon had an interview last week.  He thinks it went really well and we're hoping/praying he'll hear back soon about round 2.  They said this week, so hopefully tomorrow!  I have worked 13-14 hours the past 2 weeks with my new promotion.  That's enough to not even need my in person tutoring and be over what I need for the month (45hrs)!  So I should get to keep a bunch of the cash and we can pay extra toward the car.  A nice thought since we keep hoping we'll be ready to sell and move next Spring.

Tomorrow we go for Carolyn's 4yo check-up.  There's a list of things to discuss with the pediatrician and hopefully we'll find some answers.  Between the bloody noses, minimal weight gain, restless nights, and wetting the bed (through a diaper), I'm hoping to figure something out!

I've been horrible this past week with eating.  But I'm back on track today with no grains.  Once the cupcakes are gone I will be no sugar as well.  I'm reading The Primal Blueprint right now and am interested in how the idea differs from Wheat Belly.  I think it's more adjustable and I will do better with the slightly higher carb level (50-100).  I've been cutting back on dairy more as well to see if that makes any difference.  About 6 more weeks until I'm done nursing and then can truly focus on getting my body into the best shape it can be.

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