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Saturday, December 28, 2013


On my way to soccer about 2 weeks ago I heard some story about people winning the lottery.  And since I Was in the car, my mind began to wander.  What would I do if I won the lottery?  I began to dream of what things could be like.  And mostly, I thought about how things could be easier if we didn't have to worry about money.  But a dream of what could be also started to form.  And even with Christmas, my mind hasn't been able to let go of this dream.  The tough part is, it really won't happen unless we do win the lottery.  And to win, we would have to play first.  I'm hoping that by writing out this dream it will let my mind rest a little.  Because for now, we are prioritizing home repairs so we clearly don't have money for anything more than where we already are.

If I were to win the lottery, I would rebuild our house.  There are so many problems with what the previous owner did to fix things that I often think about just tearing down the house.  But in doing so, we would build a larger house.  I would get the kitchen, media room, exercise room, and huge family room I've always wanted.  But we would also need some more bedrooms.  Because the biggest part of my dream is to adopt 2-3 more children.  I would look for siblings that are younger than my kids but hopefully 2yrs or older.  I know these kids aren't adopted as often, and we could bypass that up every couple of hours infant stage.  I would be able to stop working, so I could spend my day reading these kids books and we would have the funds to enroll them in a few activities as well.  We would fully fund college accounts for all kids.  And I would know that a few more kids are getting what they really need.

With the other money we would buy 2 new cars - 1 electric, 1 hybrid.  We would pay off mortgages for a few people around us, to help their lives be a bit easier.  We could change to a 100% organic, grass-fed diet and grow a large garden since I would put in space in the new house to start plants inside each year.  We'd likely have enough produce to donate to the food pantry and/or some other families.  We could donate some money to schools to help with tutoring programs, counseling programs, and to expand offering to gifted students as well.  We would of course fully research anywhere we donate money to be sure it's being spent appropriately and not paying salaries of administrators.

But none of this will happen since we don't play the lottery.  I just don't understand why this dream keeps coming to the front of my mind since it's so far fetched.  I would really like to have a big family, but we just can't afford more than we have right now.

So back to reality!  Thanks for dreaming with me for a while.

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