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Thursday, March 8, 2012


So let me digress from food discussions for a little bit as I can't get off my mind what I witnessed today.  Carolyn takes a soccer class for 3-4yo's run by a soccer club.  Right now we're inside since it's March.  There are 4 other siblings, 2 year olds, that come with parents/nannies.  Typically, James plays with a 2yo boy or wanders the building with me.  They get along great (except when they both want the nanny's iphone).  He wasn't there today, so James tried to play with 2 of the other girls.  In past weeks I have seen them cornering him and yelling at him (yes, I swoop him and tell the girls that's enough).  Never once has either mother disciplined the girls because they pay NO attention to them.  Today they crossed the line though as one of them was pushing James repeatedly.  It first happened less than 2 feet from the mom, but NO response.  I told her to stop.  Later she screamed at James to move (his frightened face was so sad).  The girl had been doing something else and noticed James was sitting where she previously was.  This time I said "That's enough" louder and the mom heard me.  She had her apologize, rhen went on with her conversation, paying no attention to future actions.  James was pushed down again later on and the mom's response was "were they all just playing?"  Umm, if you had been watching or even occasionally looking, you would know that the only one your daughter touched was my son (who is several inches shorter and months younger).  And even if they were "just playing", pushing another child down onto a concrete floor is unacceptable.  I hate to imagine what this little girl will be like in her teens since the mom clearly couldn't care less.  I am glad there's only 1 more indoor class left.

Onto Lunch...
I have been eating Romaine lettuce "tacos"/wraps for lunch for a while.  Each child inevitably asks for a bite, then spits it out.  Today after asking for a bite, and then another, I made each child his/her own and they proceeded to gobbles them up!  I couldn't be more impressed with my 21 month old and almost 4yo eating romaine lettuce topped with turkey (leftover from Sunday, not lunch meat), avocado, tomatoes, and a little mustard. 
My only conclusion is that constant exposure to healthy foods and a willingness to allow a bite here and there off your own plate can get a toddler/preschooler to consider a wide variety of foods.  Taking them to the store so they can throw the veggies into the bag probably helps too.  Anyone else have kids that eat this well?  What do you think the secret is?

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