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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring is in the air!

We have had some wonderfully nice weather this week.  It has been awesome to get the kids outside and we've gone on a nightly walk after dinner.  Led to some great sleep for both kids last night as well as solid naps today.  I'm looking forward to not needing to work tomorrow afternoon so we can head to the park and maybe just take a walk after naps.

Monday was "U" day, a difficult letter for cooking.  We ended up making upside down pizza.  We used the cheese and cream cheese crust.  I baked that, we let it cool for a while.  Then I cooked the sausage while Carolyn cut the mushrooms.  I took the crust out of the dish and put sauce down, James helped poor and spread with a spoon.  Then I sprinkled on the cheese, and the kids put the sausage and mushrooms on top.  Then I put the crust on top of that and baked again for about 20 minutes at 375.  Let cool for 10 minutes and had a wonderful lunch.  Ate the leftovers for lunch today.

Nothing new for dinners lately, had grilled porkchops and hot dogs with veggies on Sunday.  The kids and Jon has quinoa with that.  Did turkey soup last night from last week's turkey bones.  And tonight with did the Irish corned beef and cabbage with red potatoes in the crockpot.  Everyone is eating well and I think the fresh air has something to do with it.  I'm itching to get out garden going!

Both kids are learning amazing things every day.  Carolyn is starting to sound out written words and she won't be 4 for another month!  James is following directions better and beginning to ride a bike.  I love spending time with these kids lately and watching them grow while letting them choose what to learn each day.  I am going to start putting together some preschool lessons to start working on so we can do science, reading/writing, numbers, and history/maps.  I figure if I let her pick which topic she wants to work on, she could learn some really cool things between now and kindergarten.  And James will probably pick up a lot along the way too.  Such sponges at these ages!

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