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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Adrenal Fatigue?

After a day with much researching, I think this may be my issue.  With our vacation coming up, there's not much that can be done right now.  But I happen to have magnesium and some other vitamins in the house that I see mentioned on many of the sites.  I also remember the cocktail of vitamins that Dr Hain had me try 3 years ago working at least a little for the dizziness.  I dismissed it at the time, but perhaps taking it for 2 months was just what my body needed at the time.  And then of course I got pregnant again and life took off.  So starting tonight I'm taking magnesium before bed as it's supposed to help with sleep, and everything else will be in the morning.  I'm also going to stop trying to do any sort of fasting and go back to eating snacks throughout the day.  Part of adrenal fatigue is the body's trouble with regulating blood glucose.  I also think that I may be eating too low carb.  So once we return from vacation I'm going to be sure to add in more safe starches to get closer to 100g/day, since I'm closer to 50g, if that, right now.  It feels good to have some idea of what direction to head in.  Hopefully by July I'll be feeling a little better.  For now I'm going to just sleep when I get tired and with my work slowing down that will be easier.

Here's to hoping that this works, because being this tired really sucks!

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