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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Salt and Spinach

After a wonderful vacation but still feeling exhausted, I tried something new this week.  Over the past month I have been adding more sea salt to my diet.  I have never been a big salt person in terms of adding in to food, and often would leave it out of recipes.  Through some research and thinking about my diet, I realized it is likely I was deficient in sodium because after removing grains (which are loaded with it), I had virtually none left.  So I put it on my eggs, salad, and cooked vegetables now, along with on potatoes.  Part of my research was into adrenal issues - adrenal fatigue and addison's disease.  It is quite possible that I am somewhere on this specturm - trouble losing weight, hair falling out, skin darkening, joint/muscle pain and weakness, low blood pressure, headaches, and the dizziness and extreme exhaustion. 
I have also made an effort to increase my carb load by being sure to have a starchy vegetable (potatoes) at least once a day.  Generally I've been having this at dinner.  I'm not sure if this is impacting me or not, but I wanted to try it.
And the final thing I did was add spinach.  One morning this week I didn't have spinach for breakfast and I was noticeably more tired before lunch.  Perhaps I need the vitamin A or C in there on top of my vitamin supplements?  Not sure, but if that's what it takes to have energy again, I'm certainly willing to do it.  I might even try making some smoothies for breakfast to change up how I'm eating it.  I've heard spinach with some berries can be really good.
So, yesterday I didn't nap because I was working.  We were also having a garage sale, so I did some lifting and moving around more.  I weeded the garden (what I think are weeds) and we went for our normal walk.  I didn't have my 5pm energy plummet and it didn't happen at 7pm either.  The walk wasn't completely draining and at 9:30 I decided to go to bed because it was late, not because I was struggling to keep my eyes open.  What an incredible difference!
I haven't lost any weight in the past month, but I have maintained and according to my scale lost body fat.  Considering I didn't work out at all, this is interesting.  Although I certainly did a lot of carrying and catching of 26-33lb children while on vacation (catch me Mommy!)  I'm thinking my body was doing some type of repair work though, hence the extreme exhaustion.  It will be interesting to see if I start to lose again from here.  I still fit into my old jeans too, this time on the first day of my cycle, which normally would not happen.  And on top of that, I haven't had ANY cramps!  How can that be, a person who used to need 500mg naprosyn in order to function normally?  Clearly my body is doing some type of restoring and on this end of the journey I'm all for it.

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