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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Learning through gardening

I finally picked the first vegetable from the garden today... a wonderful zucchini.  I can't wait to enjoy it for lunch with my salad!  Carolyn went out with me to check on the garden as we have started to do each morning.  I showed her how to remove the zucchini by twisting and it popped off with a small tip, so perfect.  There are a bunch more squash and zucchini out there and I've found 2 green beans.  Should shape up for some yummy lunches/snacks or vegetables with dinner over the next month or so.

What was fun was that when we came in, Carolyn asked to measure the zucchini.  My first thought was "why?" but then I beat back my adult brain and pulled out the tape measure.  This vegetable is over 6" long and about as thick as Carolyn's arm!  And I had to pull out a second tape measure so the kids could play around with them.  It's so cute to watch them walking around pretending to measure various things.  So much fun!

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