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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Searching for a Buyer

All that's missing right now is someone to buy our house.  We've visited Highland Park and Carolyn is excited about the move.  I've found a gym that looks like it will work very well for her to continue gymnastics.  And I'm sure I can easily find her a soccer program in the Spring.  For now I've signed everyone up for their fall classes assuming we won't be moving.  I don't want them to lose their spots.  Plus it's looking more likely that we wouldn't move until October or so anyway.  I hate the idea of going into the school year with the responsibility of keeping the house show ready.  But we're going to tell our realtor that we will simply need more notice than what's currently listed.  And we might need to be sure and straighten everything up on Saturday mornings so it doesn't get too out of control.

We've been looking for a sign that we're on the right path with our goals.  With dropping our price, I continued to be nervous about giving up a large portion of our savings.  But when you look at all the reasons we want to move - be near stuff, have a park district, walk to the library, have a pool to go, awesome schools, plus cut Jon's commute in half - I was starting to become more comfortable with the idea.  Then I went to check the mail yesterday as Jon started the grill for dinner.  I noticed a small envelope from my grandfather.  Knowing that he has a record of sending money at random times, I opened it quickly.  There were so many 0's that I actually had to read the written portion to be sure the amount was correct.  The note attached said it's for birthdays and holidays.  For our family it will mean financial security when we sell the house.  What amazing timing!  I wish there was some way for me to help my grandfather understand what his gifts mean to our family.  They always come at just the right moment - definitely God is at play here.  This one check is equal to more than I make per year, just under 1/4 of our adjusted gross income!  Once my grandfather is settled back in AZ for the year, we will start to plan a trip to visit him.  With the remaining money, we will have the cushion we need to not panic as we look to sell our house.  This is a pretty amazing sign that we're on the right track.  So now we just live our lives and wait for the buyer we need to move.  Jon is very excited about the 5 hours a week that he will regain once we move.

God blesses us over and over again.  We're hoping for a blessing from Him soon of a buyer for our house!

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