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Monday, August 20, 2012

A is for Apples

Another great day with the kids.  Well, I wasn't with the kids for a large portion of the morning.  Jon took them to gymnastics since I had to tutor.  Carolyn started the intro to beginner class, which is a full hour long.  It is for kids that are 6 and up according to the website, but generally 5 year olds are accepted.  After speaking with everyone, they have accepted Carolyn into the class.  Jon said she did everything that was asked of her today, and did it well.  She can kick up into a handstand against the wall, do her ever amazing dive forward rolls, dropped off the high bar into the pit (5ft+ drop), and did a forward circle on the bar.  Great to hear that she's listening so well, and she told me all about it and was so proud of herself.  I am excited to see where this leads her skills over the next year.

After an hour of gymnastics this morning, we anticipated a great nap.  However, she got up after less than an hour.  Trying to get her into her routine for next week, she came in and listened to a book on CD.  When she finished listening twice and I was still working, I had Jon start her on her preschool work for the day.  She traced the letter Aa, circled it amongst other letters, then read a poem with some rhyming, circling the A's in that as well.  Then she colored some apples, cut them out, and glued them to a background.  I finished working while she was doing the apples and sat with her as she finished up.  We then went over the poem again and picked out the rhyming words.  She definitely struggles with this, so it will be good to work on.  We then pasted the poem onto her apple sheet.  She was so proud of it!  Then she finished up her "We will" book.  It's something I found online where there are about pages to work on sight words.  This one has statements of "we will __".  We read it together, she cut out the words, taped the right sentences on each page, and had started to write out the sentences.  So finished writing the sentences and again was very proud of herself.  I put some clips at the top of the page and now she has a book to look through.  This will also be something she can color if she ever needs something to busy herself.

I am amazed at how interested she is in everything and how quickly she's moving through everything planned.  I am sure her interest will wane, although I wonder if it will since I've put together such a variety.  I think the plan for tomorrow will be math (K3 I think) and then science (hands).  I wonder if we will make it until we return to the library next week or if I'll need to get over there before then.  Time and her nap schedule will let us know!  Love working with such an amazing little girl.  At this rate, we'll be well into a first grade curriculum by the end of the year, haha!

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