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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gingerbread Men and Family Tree

Carolyn didn't sleep as much today, so we had lots of time to do some preschool work.  I wasn't planning to suggest anything since it's Saturday, but she was excited.  First she listened to a book on CD twice.  Next time we go to the library I'm going to see if they any that beep for turning the pages.  The ones we have don't, so she often gets to the end of the CD before the end of the book.  Then she asked what she could do next.

So we did lesson K2 of the CSMP math curriculum.  She had lots of fun with it.  We read the gingerbread man story with some cut-outs I had made.  Compared the sizes of the various cut-outs very easily.  She was quite cute with the whole thing.

Then moved into her family tree.  We had already read the family books and talked about who is part of a family.  This was the art project portion.  So she cut out the trunk and leaves part.  Then we wrote some names in lemons and oranges (circles on yellow and orange paper mainly because I didn't have red).  We started with "Me", which she then insisted we add her full name to.  She wrote mom, and I wrote dad and James.  We drew a sling with snoopy on James' circle.  She then cut out those out.  We glued everything onto a large piece of paper.  Then we wrote in aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great grandparents.  With a large family, this filled all 24 circles I had prepared.  I cut out the remaining circles and she glued them on.  I then drew the "branches", which was slightly difficult because she had randomly placed the circles.  But she then took her crayons and added leaves.  She was so proud of the final product, showing it to her dad when she was done.  She showed it to James when he woke up as well.  Then we hung it on her wall.  Tomorrow I need to take a picture of it and will add it here at the end of the month.  It was awesome to see how excited she was.  And she asked if we could do 2 more "projects" tomorrow.  We'll see what we get through each day.  But if she does keep up at this rate I'll have to look into some first grade curriculum ideas this Spring!  I figure she'll have days where she doesn't want to do anything though.  Time will tell!

Spoke with our neighbor's son tonight as well.  Randomly asked him if he knew anyone willing to rent and he said he might be.  We let him know we want to move by July 1 and he said he would be looking in the spring to move.  Have to wonder if God's at play here with the timing of everything.  Would be great if we could help someone by renting to them and get to where we want to be, keeping our finances and my credit in tact.  Everything is truly in God's hands and we will see what happens over the next few months.  If you're reading this, please keep us in your prayers!

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