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Monday, August 27, 2012

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Had a great first day with Jon at work.  Didn't have much time this morning with early gymnastics.  So we had breakfast, got everyone dressed and did Carolyn's hair, put together a snack for James, and went out the door.  James was somewhat sad to not get to play again this week.  But hopefully he'll get to the next time we go!  Carolyn had another fantastic gymnastics class.  She can kick up into a handstand, do a backward roll down a wedge, do an almost perfect cartwheel, jump and land on a beam, and do a back walk over off a mat!  There are 2 other girls that are older than her but can not do as much.  It is amazing to watch how easily she learns these tricks.  I'm looking forward to watching her progress throughout this year.

Didn't have much time for preschool because James woke up pretty early.  But we worked on writing B's, which she did with ease, as well as finding B's in other letters as well as the poem.  We read Baa Baa Black Sheep, and then struggled to find the rhyming words.  I'm going to look for some other resources on helping to identify rhyming words.  Then she got to color in a picture of some sheep.  Hoping tomorrow is a better day with napping for both of them!

I didn't have to work much today, so I got a chance to look over the next lessons and find books to pick up from the library.  Have a nice long list of books to get.  I'm thinking the social studies will be mostly just reading books, at least for now.  But have a list of community helper books to read through.  Looking forward to keep working through everything!

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