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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sorting and Hands

Today was another productive day.  Jon took the car in first thing this morning, we had breakfast and got dressed while he was gone.  When he returned we all went for a nice, long walk.  We've been talking about houses a lot lately, so did more of that.  Carolyn enjoyed commenting on the different barns we walked past.  We can see cows during our neighborhood walks as well.  Played outside for the rest of the morning, had lunch, then the kids took naps.

Got in another 2 lessons when Carolyn woke up.  She listened to another book on tape, and then we did some math and science.  We did lesson K5 out of CSMP which she found quite easy.  We read "5 little kindergartners" which she enjoyed.  Then we did sorting.  She easily found different ways to sort the objects I pulled out of her box along with some of her beads.  She enjoyed playing with the box, so I let her do that for a little while afterwards.  When she got bored we read a book about hands, did a couple activities with them, and then traced her hands.  She then cut them out, glued them onto other paper, and colored them.  I think she's really enjoying all the art projects.  Good thing Jon's mom is bringing some more construction paper tomorrow!  James woke up at that point, so we were done for the day.  Still having a lot of fun.  Feeling like the math stuff is WAY too easy for her, but just planning to do it more often to get to the harder stuff more quickly.  Will likely started the first grade curriculum I figure in the Spring.  We will see how everything goes.  Still having fun with this so far.

We've been talking and looking at a lot of houses lately.  Trying to decide what it is we're really looking for.  I was getting frustrated looking at things, because a lot of places out there are awkwardly laid out (split bedrooms, master bedroom in the basement, etc) or just huge.  After talking more today we've decided we don't want a huge house.  We're fine with a ranch without a basement.  And in fact, we've found a ranch home that we just might be interested in.  It's about 325 sqft bigger than our house here.  Which, if you think about it, is considerably bigger.  And let's be honest, we don't really use the basement all that much except for storage and to work out.  With a 2.5 car garage, that takes care of storage, and we can sort out where to exercise.  Looks like the inside is in good shape and the work that it needs is all outdoor cosmetic.  The low payment that would accompany this place along with its location will allow us the lifestyle we're seeking.  So Jon will go see it Monday.  Wondering if this is the plan God has laid out for us, or if we'll be disappointed.  Time will tell!

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