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Monday, August 13, 2012

Hard Knocks

We've had an injury in our house, and the first major one since Carolyn was born.  Both kids were playing on the couch last Thursday and James fell, off the back.  He landed hard, but we didn't think too much of it at first.  We gave him lots of snuggles and some ibuprofen before bed.  He slept fairly well that night, but didn't push himself to standing in his crib Friday morning.  Jon brought him into bed and he refused to nurse, didn't want to be moved at all.  As the morning went on we decided a trip to the doctor was in order.  So we made an appointment and headed over.  The pediatrician came in and suggested he was likely fine, until he did the exam.  James would/could not be pulled up by his left arm.  And one spot increased his crying to a wail.  So we were sent for xrays.  They only took 2, one of the collar bone and other of the shoulder.  It was easy to see the bend in the collar bone and break.  So they gave James a snoopy sling and told us to get him to rest.  Thus we have spent the last 3.5 days trying to get our energetic, 2 year old to sit still.  Not a problem Friday, but since then it's been a challenge.  He did crash this morning, crawling into my lap after lunch and promptly falling asleep.  He didn't even wake when Jon transferred to his crib!  So nice to get the extra snuggles, but watching a little one in pain and knowing there's nothing you can do is torturous!  Here's hoping for a speedy recovery!

Still waiting on the house, and deciding we need to be patient.  As bad as we WANT to move tomorrow, we can get by one more year here.  I will be working as much as possible during this time, and we will try to save up as much as possible.

Two more weeks with Jon home and then we will be starting preschool at home.

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