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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ready to Start!

What a weekend!  The last few days have felt pretty packed, although I guess they weren't really that busy.  Yesterday we went to 2 stores, then came to have lunch and finish cleaning for our showing.  Showing was good and bad - the agent was very impressed with the house and said it showed well - the buyers are aparently looking for a high end kitchen.  You can clearly tell from the pictures that we do not have that.  Maybe they'll keep looking around though and decide that they love everything else about our house, including the lot, and that they could fix the kitchen.  Only time will tell.  Kids took a nap and then they played in the pool.  Today felt crazy, but I just went shopping in the morning, then worked and made dinner. Jon went to see the house we've had our eye on and was disappointed.  It needs a fair amount of work, and the family room is much smaller than anticipated.  Without a basement this just won't work.  See we will keep looking and trusting that God has a great house for us that just isn't on the market or in our price range yet.  Jon starts work tomorrow, so we have other things to focus on.

Haven't done too much with Carolyn the last couple days because I'm running out of what I had planned.  In just about 10 days we've gone through 5 science topics, 4 math lessons, 1 letter sheet, almost 2 reading/writing books, and 1 social studies unit.  Looking like we'll have to be onto 1st grade things before this year ends!  She is just such a sponge.  Since I keep forgetting to buy cotton balls, I printed out some sheep for her to color so we can move on to B tomorrow.  I'm wondering if we'll do a letter each day this week though!  While she's napping tomorrow I should have time to take my plans further out, including making a list of books to get from the library.  We should start making it there weekly now. 

We're off and running now though... ready to fill the tanks of these 2 little ones as much as possible.  Starting with gymnastics tomorrow morning of course!  Debating about whether to start new toy rotations as well.  With the weather predicted to be so nice I'm thinking we'll just take the opportunity to be outside more.  But then there's always James' arm to worry about.  At least we go back to the doctor on Friday to see how it's healing!

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