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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Delays and more delays

So we finally received a response today with a tentative timeline.  It's been a long week waiting for this information, as no progress has been made in 9 days.  We've been waiting on plans from the structural engineer so they can avoid rebuilding half the roof.  But it looks like they have come up with an alternate type of lumber that is stronger and will do the job.  I am not "happy" with the new timeline, but at least it has everything finished well before Thanksgiving!  No, I'm not joking that it's somewhat close.

Submit for permit Monday
Start work ~7 days after permit is received = Roof work starts approximately 11-3
Once roof is complete we should be able to return home ~11-5
Then complete interior work, done ~11-15

That puts us less than 2 weeks shy of Thanksgiving before we have our entire house back to ourselves.  It's truly amazing to me how long all of this is taking.  If the village responds quickly, we maybe be able to take a few days off as 5 days is built in for receiving the permit.  There's been no discussion about the electrical - indoor or out - so not sure how all of that factors in.  And no discussion about replacing the sidewalk, so not sure when that will be done.  However, in my mind these are next in line musts before we can return home.  No electricity in my kitchen and an extension chord through my laundry room causes problems.  Plus there's no door to enter/exit through until the new sidewalk is installed.

So today we have some answers, but also many questions.  Looks like we'll be just shy of Diamond status of Hhonors!  Time to try and dream about sleeping in my own bed in about 3 weeks.

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