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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We have a permit!

I probably shouldn't be this excited, but my mind was racing last night after we received an email from the superintendent in charge of our project.  They received the permit on Monday and ordered the lumber that day!  The lumber and other roofing supplies are scheduling for delivery this coming Monday.  The size of the crew has been increased to hopefully complete demo and reconstruction Tuesday, with replacement of the layers of roof on Wednesday.  Of course, then they pause for inspection, but it definitely looks like the village is pushing things through.  Next up they'll do the insulation, pausing again for another inspection.  After that he'll put in for temporary occupancy.  We're still not sure whether we want to live in a construction zone.  It will probably depend some on what is happening with the sidewalk/outdoor electrical.  But he mentioned that will all be taken care of before temporary occupancy is granted.

My mind was so excited to hear this yesterday, as it feels like it was the last big hold up.  I was thinking about cooking again, letting the kids play with their toys, and everyone sleeping in their own beds.  Then I realized I may only have to lug laundry one more time (bless you anyone that has to go to a laundromat).  We have been truly blessed through this whole experience.  Time to start being sure we know the names of everyone in the hotel that has helped make us feel at "home".  In 10 days we might have the option of going home!

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