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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Initial Demolition Complete

We went by the house yesterday since Carolyn had a soccer and took the bus home.  It appears that the initial demolition has been completed.  They have taken out the entire floor

I was relieved to see that they took the floor out leading into our bedroom.  With the way tarps had been put up initially and where furniture had been moved to, it appeared that they were stopping short of taking everything out.  Our bedroom door is now taped shut as well.  It is hard to tell if the floor boards were damaged by water that sat for several days.  But there are some dark spots, so we'll see what they say.
They also tore out one section of wall.  Upon a close look at the wood framing in that wall, it looks to me as though at least one of the studs (is that what it's called?) will need to be replaced due to cracks nearly the entire height.

I'm unsure why they only removed that section of the wall, since about a foot to the right there is a crack in the drywall that runs from floor to ceiling.  But I'm sure they have their reasons at this time.  It is funny to see the entire floor pulled up except the one square underneath what is supporting the ceiling.  It is surreal to see a room that really has been the center of our family's life for the past 2 years gutted.  But I know that they will rebuild it and it'll be even stronger.  They did also finish taking out the concrete and put in a new board which will be needed to pour the new sidewalk.  I'm not sure what these wires belong to... something for the electrician to look I suppose.  One of them has a split in the protective coating.

Today is going to be a big day.  At 11am I will meet with the structural engineer, which should address our concerns for the overall safety of the house.  I've been informed he will do that and determine whether the current plan for the ceiling/roof is appropriate.  I'm an definitely anxious going into this meeting and had dreams last night that foundation issues were found and they decided the entire house needs to be rebuilt.  So I guess anything short of that today won't sound so bad!

I did stop by the bank on Tuesday to deposit the first check from the insurance company.  Of course, nothing can be done simply and I have to go in and get the check signed by the bank before signing since it is made out to us and the bank (mortgage holder).  They remembered us from when we took out the heloc to do the roof.  After years of never being in a bank, it's weird but cool to be recognized.  Looks like we'll be in there more to deposit other insurance checks.  Received the check for the tree company yesterday.

And beyond all of this house stuff, of course life continues forward.  I have a job interview at 1:30 this afternoon.  It's for my same company and would continue to be from home.  So we'll see how it goes.  I'm glad it's after I meet with the structural engineer, in case we do find out that repairs will take significantly longer than we were originally told.

Dear God, give me the wisdom to say the right things during today's interview.  Give the structural engineer the wisdom to see any damages to our home to ensure all necessary repairs are scheduled for completion.  Help all of us to manage this situation as best as possible.  I know that this will be used for our good, but I'm just not sure how at this point.  Help us to see the good in a tough situation.

Ready to tackle this long day!

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