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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chicken Casserole

Had another wonderful day today.  Eggs and bacon for breakfast with clementines.  I swear, James is going to turn into a banana one of these days the way he eats them.  That, or a piece of cheese!  I had egg salad for lunch, the kids had chicken salad.  Everyone had tons of energy today and were literally bouncing off the walls.  James' new game is to run through the house until he finds a spot to "crash" and then run another direction.  I can only imagine what I might be told if he was in daycare.  But he is already following directions for 75+% of his gymnastics class.  So he'll be fine as he gets older and then we get him into more structured activities as well.  I think he's longing for Spring just as much as I am.  I see 50's on the forecast for next week though!

Dinner tonight was Chicken Casserole
A few minor changes, based on personal preference.  We used all cheddar cheese, except for a touch of grated parmesan on top.  And didn't use the arrowroot.  Also only cooked it for 30 minutes because I got a late start.  Turned out wonderfully after letting it sit for 5 minutes after removing for the oven.  James gobbled it up and Carolyn even said she liked it.  Lately she's been saying she doesn't like anything, so that was good to hear.  So this will definitely be something going on our menu rotation.

Looking forward to another homemade soup tomorrow.  Let the chicken bones from Sunday cook all day yesterday and today in the crockpot for a good broth with lots of calcium able to leach out of the bones.  Added the chicken chunks back in along with zucchini, carrots, celery, onion, brocolli, and potatoes.  Love not buying store bought soup anymore and knowing we're not getting overloaded with salt or MSG.

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