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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Had a bit of a set back this weekend, kind of the perfect storm.  I have only lost 2lbs, which is frustrating.  More frustrating is that I have gained inches in my stomach and butt, although I did lose in my neck and chest.  We got an email about free pizza from Papa Johns too.  So last night we did pizza, which carried over into lunch today.  Other than being a lot more hungry, I don't feel all that different.  But I've been pretty hungry lately anyway.  So I don't know what's going on.  For dinner tonight I was back on the wagon though, and limited my carbs too.  Ham, brocolli, green beans, and quinoa.  I mostly made the quinoa for the kids and Jon, just had a small, 1/2 cup serving myself.  This was the first time I made it, we were shocked and how much it grew when cooked!  The kids gobbled everything up and asked for more ham.  Hopefully their full tummys will lead to good sleep tonight.  James was up at 5 this morning and took a short nap, Carolyn didn't nap at all.
I've been posting a little about how I feel on the WB FB page.  The Dr who wrote the book responded and he said it's sound like something is off and it might be my thyroid.  I got the name of a good doctor in Libertyville that supports the WB philosophy and it looks like they take our insurance.  Since I haven't seen a real doctor in about 5 years, I'm thinking it might be a good chance to start fresh and get some ideas on how to get my body back to where it should be - lose weight, regain energy, regain mental function.  I do wonder a little if it will all start to normalize when I'm done nursing this summer.  But I suppose having a real blood panel run and analyzed by a doctor not worried about prescribing drugs might help.  Can't fit in an appointment until Jon's spring break, but might give a call this week to see if something will work.  Here's to hoping!
Yummy meals planned this week and made a wheat-free cheesecake for Valentine's Day today too!

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