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Monday, February 27, 2012

S is for...

Today we did the letter S.  Watching the minds of both kids develop is so awesome.  We made scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Carolyn helped cut up the mushrooms and then both kids helped put the veggies into the pan.  Then they each even helped stir a little.  They love helping in the kitchen and I think it gets them to eat a little more as well.  While we were eating, Carolyn asked how much bacon I had made.  I took the opportunity to work on her elementary math skills... 3 for mom, 3 for Carolyn, 2 for James = 8 pieces.  She thinks it's so cool to work on things like that.  And as a former physics teacher I love taking simple things and turning them into learning moments.  We then read all 4 of her S books from the library and wrote her S list.  Her vocabulary is quite large.
James has is own development milestones he's working on.  I think he may be ready to get rid of diapers soon.  I'm letting him lead, but hoping that the signs he's showing aren't just a passing interest.  May even have Jon pick up some underwear this weekend when they go shopping.

Dinner tonight was a pork stir-fry.  No real recipe and I have to admit it wasn't a huge hit with the kids.  I wonder if it was too many different items.  Marinated pork pieces all day in terriyaki sauce.  Cooked that in coconut oil and then added red and yellow pepper slices, 1/2 onion slices, 3 mushrooms sliced, and leftover peas and green beans from last night's dinner.  Put the lid on to soften all the veggies.  Served it over quinoa for the kids and Jon, had mine plain.  After dinner each kid had an apple to try and fill their tummies.

We took a look at kindergarten readiness lists tonight.  We do that now and then just to reassure ourselves that Carolyn won't need preschool.  We looked at Wheaton's list, since that's one of the towns we're considering moving to.  Carolyn can do everything on there, except write her name with just the first letter capitalized.  I'm confident we can work on that in the next year.  It's awesome to see her develop and us never have to really teach her anything but be able to do everything.  She's really working hard on reading too, I wouldn't be surprised if she's reading before Kindergarten.  Lately she's been really into writing though.  I need to pull out the letter pages I printed in August.

We also tried the bagel recipe again from a couple days ago.  This I used 5 eggs and coconut oil instead of applesauce.  Came out much better from my view and both kids gobbled them up again.  I assume they'll request them for breakfast as well.  Feels good to feed them things I now is doing good things for their body.  It'll be interesting to see their height and weight growth at the doctor over the next few months.

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