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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

G, H, potions, and paint

We've had an exciting week so far!  Since I had time to prepare crafts for Carolyn over the weekend, she's taken advantage of that.  Yesterday she completed both G and H - Gregory Gibbs and Humpty Dumpty.  She enjoyed the poems and creating the projects.  After the 2 projects she did some "worksheets" that she found.  I need to print some more of those this weekend because she was asking about them.  She started on I today with the tracing and we started on the rhyming but she was struggling.  James was up, so we moved on. 

We did some science today, stolen from another blog.  We took a bunch of cups and filled them with water and vinegar, varying amounts of each.  Some had all water and one had all vinegar.  We put food coloring into each cup.  Then took baking soda and I spooned a little into each cup.  The first one bubbled up and over, so they thought it was super cool.  We then went through the rest of the cups one by one and talked about how much vinegar was in each cup.  James thought it was great fun to watch, Carolyn was able to talk about what she was seeing - potions!  Once we'd gone through them, I handed over the baking soda and spoons for them to play.  They put the rest of the baking soda in and then I said they could mix cups.  As they were playing with that I put together some our homemade sidewalk paint (water, cornstarch, food coloring).  They ended up mixing everything together towards the end.  But they had a lot of fun and I like to think they're learning about sizes as they pour water between cups. 

Tomorrow Carolyn will go to story hour and learn some more Spanish.  She's really enjoying the class and this will be something we truly miss when we move.  But she's definitely learned some words in Spanish, which I think is great!  In the afternoon we'll finish I and Itsy Bitsy Spider with a spider craft.  I'm also thinking we'll do some leaf rubbing some day this week.

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