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Saturday, October 6, 2012

I, J and starting to pack

Carolyn continues to be really enjoying working on her letters.  She does a perfect job tracing and finding the letters.  And the craft projects keep her wanting to do more.  The second half of this week we did Itsy Bitsy Spider and Jack and Jill.  She got to make a spider and drew a picture of Jack and Jill.  I love her imagination and her pictures of people actually look like people!  We haven't done much else because she's been so into the letters.  Although yesterday we did bake brownies and the kids helped stirring the batter for that.  They love to cook.  Once we're in the new house it will be awesome to work together at the new counter.  We should all be able to stand around it and reach everything.  Much better than the cramped counter space we have now.  I'm going to pull out the recipes from the class my mom taught to preschoolers and give them a try!  I spent part of this morning working on new materials for Carolyn's preschool.  I printed out come math pages, phonics pages, and some more books to work on sight words.  I also put together some new projects so we're good through the letter P.  There's a chance I won't have to put anything new together next week!

I got started with sorting on Thursday and started packing today.  I have a mountain of things to donate and the pile is only growing.  It will be nice to not have to move a large portion of the things we have.  I need to take pictures of some things and try to sell them.  Anyone looking for an extra TV or TV stand?  We should be good with just 2 TVs for a while, until the kids are older and the living room becomes another hang out area instead of toy room.  Plus there still some toys I am thinking we won't take with - like the stride to ride lion.  It's hard to get rid of because both kids LOVED it, but they are too big for it now.  So in search of a new home for it.  It feels good to get started with packing, even if only 4-5 boxes are done.  I also unpacked 1 container into the dresser in the basement.  A few less boxes to move if we pack up the dresser and nightstand that are down there.  I can't decide whether to take James' dresser or not.  We'll be getting a different one for him from Jon's parents (it was his as a boy) and it's coming apart.  But we'll have to pack all the clothes if we don't move it.  We'll see how things are looking I guess.

Feeling pretty good about the move though, with about 6 weeks until closing.  I plan to pack a little more each week so that come a week or two before moving day we'll just have the daily use things left to pack.  And I figure we'll live for a day or two using paper plates so those can be packed up.  Ready to get to Glenview!

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