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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Annual Aunt Ollie visit

Life has been pretty crazy lately as I catch up with work so I haven't had much time to write.  Things are settling down now and I'm getting into a better rhythm, which is great as Jon starts coaching on Thursday.  I've had some great visits lately though.

Kim was able to stop by yesterday for a while.  After the kids showed her their rooms and gymnastic tricks, Jon took them to the store.  It was nice to sit and just chat for a while.  As her busy season at work slows, we might make some lunch dates since she works so nearby.  It will be nice to rekindle this old friendship.

We spent this afternoon visiting my grandfather's sister Ollie.  Being so far away we missed out on this visit last year.  She is doing very well though and we were surprised with her homemade pierogi and mini cookies.  We chatted about my grandfather and how she is doing.  It's great to see such amazing longevity in my family with my grandfather turning 95 this Spring and Ollie in her 90s as well.  She enjoyed watching the children and they made her happy by gobbling up the food she made.  The kids were super excited to bring home some of her cookies as well.  We got some pierogis as well, which I need to find time to make!

I am enjoying how life is settling down now.  I hope to start devloping more learning activities to do with the kids and really want to keep the pace down as we venture forward.  I'm praying that Jon gets the NT job so that I can focus more on the kids and developing fun learning activities for them.  Now that the cold weather seems to truly be here, we might have more time.  We love the neighborhood park and took advantage of warmer weather last week with several visits.  Such active children!  I am looking forward to the next few weeks as my stress levels hopefully decrease and we can fall into a nice schedule.  Tomorrow Jon has the day off so he will go with to gymnastics.  We are looking forward to some extra time with him home before he is gone a lot. 

Time to go relax while I can.  Focusing on the great parts of life going forward!

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