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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Family Time!

I'm thinking we're going to start a new tradition that involves more family time on Sundays.  I'm even thinking of switching my non-work day to Saturdays.  But that has yet to be determined.  In any case, I had a great day today.  While Jon and the kids were at church I got some work done.  I stopped when they arrived home and we all played in the playroom until lunch.  After lunch was of course naps, although James put up a little fight.  I hope he isn't getting sick, because he's become super snuggly and fought going to bed tonight because he wanted to be by me.  I love the extra snuggles, but I hope he's feeling okay in the morning.  After naps the kids had a snack and then we bundled up to go for a walk.  We went down the block and over to Kim's street.  Rang the doorbell but her parents didn't answer (not to self call Kim first so I'm not freaking her parents out).  The kids enjoyed looking at all of the "big" houses.  There are quite a few tear downs around here.  Carolyn declared we could hold her birthday party in them - the mind of a 4yo!  Of course on the way home we can got sidetracked by the park.  The slides were fairly wet so it didn't last long.  When we returned home I worked more on the kids' rugs and we all played in the living room.  It was some really nice family time and I think I'd like to repeate next weekend.  Of course, we also have other Sunday excursions coming up including a trip to my Great Aunt Ollie's (been 2 years I think) as well as Disney on Ice (thanks Dad).  But with Jon starting to coach in about 2 weeks, I think these afternoons together could be a good chance to regroup as a family before heading into another long week together.

We also colored the number 6 and put it up in the playroom.  Tomorrow we will work on some reading either in the morning or afternoon.  It might warm up again, in which case we'll head outside in the afternoon and possibly even go the park.  I decided today that we'll be investing in rain gear for the kids and me this Spring so that we can get outside each afternoon, unless it's storming.  We all seem to sleep better with some fresh air.  Maybe tomorrow I'll even fit in some lifting while the kids play!  Time to get some rest for what promises to be a very busy week!

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