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Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting Rid of Chemicals

What a rarity, the kids are still asleep and I'm finished with work!  Playing out in the snow must have tired them out.  Although James seems to be going through a growth spurt as well. 

I keep seeing more and more articles and posts about the chemicals that surround us.  And I want to get them out of house.  But where to begin and how to do this while not blowing our budget evades me at the moment.  I will obviously need to start with a discussion tonight with Jon.  But I need to create a gameplan as well.  Organic food, natural laundry detergent, natural shampoo, natural soap, natural cleaners for the floors and dishes.  These are all things that I am thinking I need to look into.  But which to start with?  My gut says food, but that would also be the most expensive.  So do I do the others or do as much as possible with food?

More later as both kids are of course now awake.

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