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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Baking is complete!

Almost all the baking is complete.  Well, everything that could possibly be done in advance is complete.  Today I finished up with lemon love notes, kalachkis, and birthday cake.  We'll see how the cake tastes, but I think it looks awesome.  I used a gluten free recipe and it seemed a bit off as it cooked.  It inflated a lot while cooking and totally collapsed afterwards, although doesn't look terrible.  I put a layer of my usual frosting on it, some Christmas sprinkles, but then gave my first try ever at fondant for decorating.  Wow was this easy to work with!  Definitely will take some more finessing as far as coloring is concerned, but so easy to shape.  I have been thinking of doing a cross, but Jon suggested a star as I was mentioning my plans.  So I put a yellow star top with red and green stars around the edges.  I then wrote out "JESUS" as well.  We took a picture that I'll post when I upload.  (Looking forward to the tablet as perhaps that will make pictures here easier.)  Tomorrow I just need to do the sticky buns and apple pie, haven't decided on what other prep work I'll do.  That will most likely depend on how the day is going and what I have time for.  Not too much left overall though.

My dad and Patty were over this afternoon and it was nice.  Jon and I ran to the store to finish getting wrapping paper and stocking stuffers.  Then we relaxed, opened presents, and just enjoyed each other's company.  My dad is taking us to Disney on Ice, which I'm sure the kids will love.  They gave us a bunch of gluten free foods, which will be great as I get fully back into that in the new year.  Each kid received 2 TAG books with they immediately started playing with.  It's amazing how much they love their books.  The solar system book is sure to provide Carolyn with hours of discovery as well.  Definitely something we'll be bringing on the plane next week, since each system can have headphones inserted as well.

Well, off to go paint the handprint sets and then work a little on the doll sets.  I managed to get 1 doll and 1 outfit for each child.  So anything more is just extra, so we'll see what gets done.

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