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Monday, December 17, 2012

New bath toys!

I finished the letters last night!  And today with the stack of foam I asked the kids what they wanted beyond letters.  Carolyn said a car, then got excited about every picture of everything we looked at.  She suggested a princess, a tree, and many other things.  We settled on a car for each child (Carolyn chose red, James chose black) and a set of numbers 0-9.  I managed to complete these this afternoon whilst making dinner (sloppy joes from scratch), read a few books, and waiting for Jon since he had a meeting.  But I got it all done so they had them for tonight's bath.  They both really liked everything and loved that the pieces stick to the walls.  Carolyn informed me she didn't do any spelling, but they both had fun and the water stayed in the tub.  I'm sure we'll come up with more ideas for these cheap bath toys.  I think we will be skipping the expensive toys from the store that get moldy quickly for the future.

Today was really a pretty great day overall.  Both kids slept in late and I got some quality time with James while Carolyn slept.  Once everyone was up we started breakfast and from there pretty much went straight to gymnastics.  Of course we spent 20 minutes looking for Carolyn's leotard that she had put in the hamper in her bathroom (she looked and said it wasn't there).  Gymnastics went well and James is improving on waiting his turn.  Lunch went late as usual on gymnastics days, but both kids went down fine.  I got to work and finished a mentor review despite the kids waking up in the middle of it.  We had a nice afternoon together.  I am really looking forward tomorrow when we'll make Rice Krispie Treats and I have no reviews to do for work.  I get to focus entirely on my children while they are awake!

I have decided that over break I am going to get things together for real preschool lessons starting in January.  We'll still have gymnastics Mondays, 1 library day, and swim lessons.  So I'm going to plan science activities the other days as well as "schedule" trips to the great places around here - kohl children's museum, the grove, the forest preserve, bowling at Pinstripes, and I'm sure I'll come up with more things to do.  But the main goal is get me away from the computer and get the kids out and about as needed.  And as I'm the planning type, I think this will be good for me.  Excited to finally be settled and get to focus on my family and what the kids need.

Thank you God for our wonderful blessings and keeping all of us safe.  Wrap Your arms around those in Newtown, Connecticut and all those impacted.  And wrap Your arms around my two sleeping children and keep them safe always.

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