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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Local decorations

We had a busy day today as Christmas draws near.  Jon took his car in to have the shaking at high speeds investigated.  Luckily it turns out the tires were just out of balance after the recent tire rotation he had done.  While we were waiting we had breakfast and went to The Grove.  The Holiday House is still going and has wonderful handmade crafts at decent prices.  We were truly amazed at the prices on the items and will definitely shop there in the future.  We got 3 ornaments for us, 2 for Jon's parents, and one for his grandma that are all personalized.  A great tribute to our first Christmas here.  We will likely go there for our ornaments each year as well since it's only slightly more expensive than typical stores and these are personalized and really cute.  We are thinking we'll do some of our shopping there or earlier at the craft fair in November next year.  The kids are really at a point where they don't need/want much for Christmas, so buying some well-made keepsake type things will probably be just what we want these next couple years.

Seeing the various crafts gave me some ideas for things I'd like to do.  There were pillows made similar to the fleece blankets I've made in the past.  No sewing, just tying the sides all together.  It could be nice to fill pillows as much as desired.  I could make some decorative ones for around the house as well.  Could even be something nice for right in front of the fireplace as well.  I really need to figure out a color scheme for each room in the house so we can start decorating.  I'm excited to finally have a house where I can get each room exactly as I want it. 

I started on the felt doll sets while everyone was at the store.  They are very difficult to make!  I'm having to make foam cutouts at the same time because I can't draw on the felt but the paper is too hard to work with when cutting.  But it's okay, because the kids can just dress up the dolls in the bathtub as well.  I will work more on this tonight after we're sure the kids are asleep.  It feels like Christmas has kind of snuck on me, but I'm looking forward to the craziness of the next few days and then the stillness afterwards.  The rugs will be far from finished come Christmas day, but that's okay, I will have something to work on while the kids are playing with their new toys/books.  Looking forward to some time with my Dad tomorrow as we officially start our Christmas celebration.  Then Christmas Eve with a cake, church, and special dinner.

Missing my mom quite a bit this holiday season, but I know she would be proud of what we are sharing with our children.  Love you Mom!

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