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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


We had flurries today and boy were the kids excited.  We had a pleasant start to the day, with James sleeping later than Carolyn.  After reading, breakfast, putting together dinner, and making rice krispie treats, I noticed the snow outside.  I asked the kids to look out the window so they both went to the fron door.  James response was "snow, I want to go play in it!"  At first I was hesitant, so started with "you'll have to get dressed and put your winter gear on."  The response, of course, was that they didn't mind and wanted to wear all their gear.  So we all got dressed and put them in their snowpants and snow jackets.  We went out and spent some time running for tag, walking along the bricks, and playing.  We wandered into the back and I decided to do some work.  I got more of their outdoor toys into the small shed.  I figure they'll last longer if they're kept out of the elements.  Then I worked in the garage, dragging some stuff into the big shed.  I want to be able to set up the weight bench after Christmas, so more stuff needs to be rearranged in the garage.  The kids enjoyed running around outside and before we knew it, it was time for lunch.  I declared to the kids we should spend more time outside, even when it's cold.

It appears, though, that James has an ear infection.  After a rough afternoon where he cried for seemingly no reason off and on for an hour, he cuddled with me pleasantly until Jon got home.  Then he declared his ear hurt, but he had just had his finger by it.  Later at dinner he again declared the same ear hurt.  So we gave him some motrin and he seems to be doing better.  We'll see in the morning, but I may need to find a new doctor in the area sooner than I thought!

Tomorrow we'll bake sugar cookies if the kids are up to it.  We're into 7 days of baking leading up to Christmas.  We'll still need to make snicker doodles, fudge, lemon love notes, and kalachkis.  And then of course I need to make a birthday cake for Jesus, stick buns for Christmas morning, and an apple pie for Christmas evening.  I enjoy the cooking and baking, but am also looking forward to a break on 12/26.  I have also decided on a new hobby/project to get started with as soon as I get to the fabric store.  We need rugs for various places throughout our house and it appears from various tutorials that they're pretty easy to make.  Because the ones I like are crazy expensive, I'm going to try making my own.  I'll start with one for Carolyn as we'll go choose some pink and purple fabric from whatever is on sale.  Shouldn't be too difficult and hopefully she'll like it.  I'm thinking I also want to eventually buy a sewing machine and get into making clothes and various things for around the house.  I like the idea of being able to truly customize everything and to be able to do it on my schedule.  We'll see when we have the funds to buy a sewing machine, and I'll have to do some research on what kind of machine to get.  Any suggestions?

I have really enjoyed my work slow down the last couple days.  It has allowed me to focus more on the kids and be more patient with their needs.  It makes me dream about how next year might be if Jon gets his dream job.  I can cut back on work some and we'll have plenty extra to do as we please.  Until then I will keep trying to balance everything and be as patient as possible.  I have definitely noticed that the more patient and intuitive I am, the shorter the wars we fight are.  James just needs to be held when he gets upset, Carolyn is usually tired so needs quiet activities.

Dear God, please continue to watch over us and guide us.  Help James get some good rest tonight so he may feel better tomorrow.  Continue to bless our family financial and guide Jon wit his employment.  Thank you for the opportunities we've had and that I know are coming.

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