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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Even more delays

The roof is on, hooray!  At least, I saw them putting on yesterday and today.  So I assume at this point that it's been completed.  Our head contractor was at the house this afternoon for an inspection of the rafters and structure, and possibly the electrical.  I emailed him to check in and let him know we want to go home as soon as the drywalling is done.  We've decided we would rather be in a house with no floors and needing to be painted than continue to live in a hotel while they finished.  And the response I received back was rather deflating.  He let me know that the insulator was pushed back to Tuesday in case today's inspection didn't go well.  Um, so are we assuming that we won't pass the inspection?  And if so, why are we assuming that?  This makes me worried on so many levels.  But overall it makes me sad.  I was very close to tears today when I received this email.  I had my heart set on being home next weekend.  We would have a couple days to get settled in before the long Thanksgiving weekend.  And now I'm honestly not sure that we'll be home by Thanksgiving.  It just seems there's delay after delay.  I am honestly amazed at how slow this all going.  We have now been out of our house for 10 full weeks (well, as of 3pm tomorrow).  In that time I think 5-6 days have had some actual work being done on the house!

I just want to go home!  It's cold and it's started snowing, I want to park my car in a garage.  I want to sit in front of my fireplace.  I want to relax with my family.  I want to bake in my own kitchen.  I want to have my own space.  Yes, a lot of I wants.  I want to just be selfish for a bit.  In fact, I may need to be soon.  I am starting to see signs of the adrenal fatigue returning.  I have headaches nearly every day, at times so bad I can't complete my work.  Each afternoon I am exhausted and nauseous, eating only helps minimally.  I seem to need sugar to keep going.  And yet there's really nothing I can do until we get home.  Once we're there I can eat the foods I know I need, I can get more sleep since I'll have less time in the car.  I can heal my body, but the longer we're here the worse the damage and the longer the recovery.

God, we really need You right now.  Help me get through these next weeks until we're home.  I'm afraid any more bad news on the schedule for completion will completely break me.  It's in Your hands, help us.

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