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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More Delays

Yesterday was quite a disappointing day.  I dropped Carolyn off at school, we stopped at the store, and then headed to our neighbor's house for the day.  She has wonderfully given us the key while they are out of town for a few days, so we're hanging out across the street from our house during the day.  We arrived and got the key from another neighbor and couldn't help but notice that there were no cars/vans/trucks at our house.  We went into the neighbor's house and I got James settled a bit before going across the street to get some things to make dinner.  Upon entering I noted that there was water on the floor boards, again.  The skylights haven't been installed and only boards were put over them, which doesn't work real well in a soaking rain.  I made a mental note to call the contractor and began gathering supplies for dinner.  Once I returned to the neighbor's house I called our contractor, to inform him no one was there to work and there is a leak.  He said he wasn't sure why no one was there and promised to come out and tarp the roof.

By 11am no one was at the house, so I emailed the contractor to try and find out more and remind him that our current hotel reservation is up Sunday so we need to know if that will need to be extended.  His response was that there was an emergency but the crew would be at our house the next day (Tuesday) and they would be done Saturday.  Jon then responded asking about an occupancy permit, to which the contractor said he would call the village.  Had I not called and then both of us emailed, I am wondering when we would have found out about the delays and whether an occupancy permit would have been a thought in this guy's head.  We were promised that he would get back to us by the end of the day.

We had a great dinner last night, although Carolyn may be getting sick again.  It was wonderful to cook myself and sit at a kitchen table as just our family for the first time in 12 weeks.  When we left the neighbor's around 5:45, no tarps had been put on the skylights.  When I went to bed at 9:30 last night, we had no word about the occupancy permit.  So before bed I sent a follow-up email letting the contractor know that I need to call the housing service company back today (Tuesday) if we're going to need another extension.

We received a response at around midnight last night that he is awaiting a response from the village.  I just received a text from a neighbor that the dumpster is being taken away (it was overflowing anyway), I wonder if it will be replaced?  I would imagine there will still be things to dispose of as they cut the drywall and flooring.  The email from the contractor promised the drywall crew would arrive at 7am today to begin work.  It's 7:30 now, I wonder if they're there?  And I also wonder what the point of arriving so early today is... they still have to wait for the mud to dry.  They're the professionals though, right?  Maybe they have some tricks to help it dry faster and maybe they do plan to start on things in the kitchen.  Alas, it appears there is no one there.

Time to wake up the kids, hopefully the last school morning in this hotel!

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