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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Materials delivered

Yesterday was quite a long day!  Carolyn did not have school, but James still had gymnastics and soccer.  So our morning was spent with him at his activities.  Luckily I was able to get some work done while he was at soccer.  Afterwards we had a nice lunch out, but I spent 20 minutes of it on the phone with a woman from AT&T.  I've wasted hours trying to get them to correct our account and finally feel slightly like they realize how frustrating this has been.  Had an ad from W.O.W. on our door though with an offer for $20/m internet that I'll be looking into as our contract runs out next month.

Our meeting with the contractor to pick out finishes was pushed back until today.  But it was wonderful to walk to the front of the house and see a pile of wood and other things waiting to be installed.  I counted 27 large beams, looks like this roof is going to be quite strong.  The weather doesn't look great for tomorrow but I really hope they can get started.

We really need to go home.  We are all starting to get extremely tired and yesterday was a small taste of what being home again could be like.  We spent the afternoon at the park and the kids loved it.  But we still had to trudge back to the hotel after gymnastics and the kids will have to be up extra early for chess.  Carolyn is starting to struggle with gymnastics skills.  Both kids miss their freedom so much.  Their imaginations and ability to play with just little things has really taken off though.  It makes me consider boxing up a large portion of the playroom when we do return home.  Now would be a great time to get rid of some of the junk since they likely won't remember what was there.  I wonder if I'll have any time to go to the house by myself to perhaps move some things into the garage.

We just want to go home.  Pray that the weather cooperates so they can get this process started.  If they get the roof done, enough might be done that we could be home next weekend.

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