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Friday, November 28, 2014

No Painters

We had a nice, relaxing day for the most part today.  We had a leisurely breakfast and then came back upstairs to relax in the room.  Carolyn did some reading and the kids did some building with the magnatiles.  I did some work and then Jon took the kids down to the pool so I could finish.  Once I finished my reviews I started packing up the room.  When they returned I had finished packing up for the day and was writing my thank you letter to the hotel.  We will send a thank you to the corporate office as well, as they have been so great here.

While I was packing up I decided to text and neighbor and see if anyone was at the house.  Our fears were realized when she said no one was there.  Holding on to my optimism, I told Jon that perhaps they were there but had just been dropped off to work so there was no truck in the driveway.  A little after 1 we left the hotel to drop some more things at the house.  As we pulled up it was obvious no one was there.  We went inside and could tell that no one had been in the house since we left the day before.  We dropped off our things and the postwoman gave Jon a package before we left.  She even asked him when we'd be back, so nice of her.  Jon called the contractor while we were at the house, whom was surprised to hear the painters were not working.  He promised to call back quickly once he found out what was going on.

We got back into the car and headed to the store and out to dinner.  After about 10 minutes we receive a phone call back, the painters were finishing up another job.  I kept my cool and reiterated the frustration I shared on Wednesday with the lack of work being completed.  I informed Phil that we will be moving home tomorrow and people will have to work around us.  He apologized again and said he would be by the house later to remove the tarps in anticipation of us moving home.  So we went on with our day.

We stopped by the house to drop off a box of diapers and a new crockpot and were only half surprised to see that we had been lied to again.  No one had been in the house and all the tarps were still in place as of 4:30pm today.  Somehow I doubt he showed up after then to take them down.  Why tell me you are going to do something if you aren't going to?  The tarps he promised to put on the skylights on Monday... still not there.  I just don't understand what the problem is with doing things when you say you will.  If I worked for my company like these people I would find myself out of a job.  This honestly is unbelievable at this point.

We have been out of our home for 13 weeks.  And tomorrow when we go home, there will still be a long list of things still be completed:
1.       Paint interior 
2.       Install skylights and finish roof 
3.       Install gutters
4.       Install LR floors, replace trim
5.       Replace cracked laundry room tiles
6.       Complete sidewalk (Spring) – frame and fill with gravel to make area usable until then
7.       Seal and paint siding due to cracks 
8.       Lightly clean furniture and move back into living room
9.       Repair coffee table
10.   Clean carpet in playroom
11.   Install pole for antenna (we would like to take the loss payment here and get the replacement ourselves)

12.   Replace area rug(s) in living room 

I know God is in control and our house will eventually get back to normal.  But we are both pretty well beyond our threshhold of frustration with people not following through on promises made.  On Sept 22 I was told the work would be mostly done by Oct 22 and I have a contract to prove it.  I wonder if we have any recourse since this estimate was so incredibly far off and nothing had even started by that date.  We might just have to look into that if things don't pick up quickly at this point.

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