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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thanksgiving Promise

We are definitely getting to the end of our rope here.  The house sat again for most of the week, the insulation was installed Thursday and supposedly the inspection done yesterday.  But we've heard no update on that.

We have been told the contractors are being given 3 days to finish the inside of the house.  Is that really how it works, you tell them how long they have to do everything?  There's just so much left to do that this seems crazy and very unlikely.  But I long to be home.  Anyone have any experience in construction?  Here's what is left to be done, any way this could actually happen in 3 days?

  • Sklylights installed
  • Ceiling + 1 wall section drywalled - tape, mud, etc
  • Paint - entire living room, entire kitchen (covering over cracks, so whatever needs to be done for that)
  • Install floors in living room, replace 2 tiles in laundry room, possibly replace kitchen floors
  • Clean and move furniture back into house
Some could wait until we're home like
  • Pour cement sidewalk (without it we lose back door access)
  • Install gutters
  • Seal and paint siding
  • Clean playroom carpet
I'm trying to be optimistic, but this just seems like so much in such little time.  I am frustrated that this has taken so long and it seems that the construction company is to blame for a large chunk of it.  No idea why the insulation was pushed from Friday to Tuesday to Thursday.  We lost an entire week due to something that takes just a couple hours to complete.

Prayers that we are able to be home next week are appreciated.  I miss my kitchen and my bed so much.

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