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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Whole 30 Day 17

I have had another successful day.  It is very tempting to grab a little bit of sugar from the kids' Valentines stash at this point.  When I needed something of a different taste I grabbed a prune today.  I have to say that the longer I go in this the more disappointed I'm becoming.  I don't feel a change in energy and my clothes aren't fitting any looser.  With 13 days left I am wondering if there are any changes that are even happening.  But I will stick with is in case something is just not visible yet.  It doesn't help that my ankle is still not better and it has turned super cold again.  I made an appointment for an injury screening at Athletico tomorrow to see if things are worse than I originally thought.  I continue to have pain at the front of my ankle and could barely walk last night.  Today I have used a combination of the ace bandage and air cast to get me through the day.  If I walk with my ankle nearly locked I don't experience pain.  But this is very difficult to do for any amount of time and the muscles quickly tire.  So we will see what a professional has to say.

Not much exciting went on today.  I didn't have a ton of work, so I nearly finished it before going grocery shopping.  I finished up this afternoon as I was given a new mentor on my team.  I found some time to make sweet potato chips.  They didn't some out as crispy as I had hoped.  So I think I will try baking them in the oven next (I had used the dehydrator.)  I am considering trying to make some dried fruits, maybe some bananas or something.  These could be really good to pack for our plane trip this summer and/or even for the kids to take in their lunches for school.

Breakfast: Eggs fried in coconut oil, beef jerky, orange
Lunch: Leftover offal meatloaf, cauliflower, sweet potato fries
Dinner: Meatball stew new recipe from Frugal Paleo Cookbook over zucchini noodles (kids had corn based pasta).  This meal took a lot longer to prepare than I thought it would, but everyone loved it and both kids have declared they want it for lunch tomorrow.  So this will go into our rotation for days I have more time to prepare a meal.

Time to go put together a library list so Carolyn can have some new things to read!

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