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Friday, March 4, 2016

Whole 30 Day 19

And another day is in the books.  Today was filled with a lot of work, MOPs Bible study, and some time with the kids.  I was very thrown off this morning when the bus appeared.  Today there was not supposed to be bus service, so we were having a more leisurely breakfast and I was slower at getting lunches together.  James was still in his PJs when the bus pulled up.  I've never seen him get dressed so quickly!  But I git in work, threw in the laundry, and then headed to bible study.  I ended up not really eating lunch today as I was being lazy and not all that hungry.  The good news is that my ankle seems to be doing much better today.  I think part of my problem is likely some electrolyte/mineral imbalances.  So I added a banana in today, at more cashews, and ordered the epsom salts that I've used previously.  My left calf has been cramping a fair amount overnight, so I need to work on getting that to relax.  I've been massaging my right calf throughout the day and it feels really tight too.  I should probably try to remember to add more salt to food too, since I know when I eat healthy the only way I get salt is by adding it myself.

I am ready for the weekend.  Not too much going on, which will be nice.  Carolyn has 1 soccer game and 1 basketball game.  We also might go make toy wagons at Home Depot.  But we'll see how everyone is doing in the morning and what the weather looks like.

Breakfast - Omelet with green pepper, strawberry, blueberry
Lunch - Banana, beef jerky, grapes
Dinner - Zucchini noodles and leftover meatball stew

Getting close to the final week, only 11 days left!

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