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Monday, March 14, 2016

Whole 30 Days 27-29

I've made it 4 weeks and 1 day!  Officially in the home stretch, with 1 day remaining.  I am starting to think that I might be losing weight, just little bits all over instead of all off my stomach like I would prefer.  Saturday was a busy day.  After making omelets for all of us in the morning, I supervised the kids cleaning their rooms.  This proved to be incredibly challenging for James.  When they finally finished we headed over to the library to return a couple books and grab others I had an hold.  I talked to one of the librarians for a bit and she told me she had recommended me to reorganize the library at the school.  She couldn't remember my name or my kids' names at the time though, so I'm "safe" unless I want to out myself to the assistant principal.  From there we headed over to Carolyn's soccer, which ended up being fairly disappointing.  Then I took the kids to Jon's track meet and we watched the final race.  We can home for a late lunch, which proved to be too late for James.  He fought us through the entire nap time.  I laid down for a bit and ended up falling asleep, so Jon took the kids to church.  We all had dinner together and then put the kids to bed.  Jon and I watched Augie lose in the elite eight.

Yesterday was a pretty low key day.  The kids played around the house, dancing to the Beatles (thank you kindergarten teacher), a little reading, and some random art projects.  We had a family nap time and I fell asleep for a bit.  I haven't been sleeping the greatest at night, so I've been really tired.  The time change certainly isn't helping with this.  Carolyn had her second to last basketball game, we had dinner, and then put the kids to bed.  I played soccer last night and got in a good workout playing center mid.  I discovered I can score a goal on the kick-off.  I guess my ankle must be pretty well healed.  I hate playing at 9:15 though, I didn't fall asleep until close to midnight.

I've been exhausted all day today.  I had to wake both kids up.  I struggled through 4-5 hours of work, volunteered at the school, and then went for a run to try to wake myself up.  The cloudy day didn't help wake me up any either.  Hopefully we can get some sun soon, as I know that will help greatly.  The run helped to wake me up mentally, but of course now my body is tired.  James had his last day of acting class today.  I got to in and watch a bit.  It was fun, but I think he might be ready for something more.  Depending on schedules next year we might look into them doing some sort of play.  Although they kind of already do that at school, so maybe not.  I got back and forth on kids' activities.  There is a part of me that wants to just cancel everything and play more.  I might not feel that way with giving up gymnastics though.  No practice/game will now be longer than 1.5 hours.  So the days we have practices won't be as long and we should have some time to play before heading out.  We'll see how this Spring ends up playing out.

Breakfast - Omelets - spinach, pepper; Fruit
Lunch - Leftover casserole
Dinner - Leftover casserole

Breakfast - Fried eggs, clementines, spinach
Lunch - Beef jerky, fruit (ran out of leftovers)
Dinner - Over roasted pork chops (new recipe), sweet potatoes cooked in ghee, broccoli

Breakfast - Fried eggs, spinach, fruit
Lunch - Beef jerky, pear (not real hungry)
Dinner - Chicken soup - broth, chicken breast (I should probably do thighs next time for a higher fat content), carrots, celery, zucchini, red/green peppers, onion, herbs/spices.  This ended up turning out really well.

And now, I think I'm going to go take a bath and relax before heading to bed a bit early.  It feels much later than it is.

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