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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Whole 30 Day 11

Still going strong and my ankle is healing.  I made it all the way until 6pm before putting the air cast back on.  My ankle just started throbbing so I put the brace on to get me through dinner and bed time with the kids.  I did get in a 2 mile walk with my neighbor and stood for almost all of James' 45 minute basketball class, so that makes sense.  I'm still debating whether or not I will play soccer on Sunday.

Speaking of James' basketball class, the teacher is driving me crazy.  I'm not the only one and we have started talking to the park district supervisor, so I am not just complaining here.  This coach is trying to use running as a punishment with kindergartners.  And it's not even because they are doing something wrong.  Today they started with passing - 10 minutes late because there was a problem with one of the baskets and the coach left for 10 minutes.  If a kid dropped the ball, the entire class had to run.  There was no instruction given on proper passing or catching technique.  Then they moved on to shooting.  There were 8 kids there today and they stood in line watching each other shoot.  The coach made a big deal about how they needed to make the shots, but again gave little instruction on how to shoot.  The only direction was where to stand - which shouldn't matter since in basketball the goal should be to shoot from everywhere on the court.  Then they did laps.  A few of these involved the kids dribbling, which was excellent.  I am not one to think that 5-6 year olds need conditioning though.  Running a lap with the ball over your head isn't appropriate at this age.  Just running laps isn't needed either.  They finished with everyone lined up on the baseline and 1 kid at a time was chosen to shoot.  If the shot was missed, the whole class had to run.  I signed James up so he could learn how to play basketball - how to dribble, how to pass, how to shoot - not how to stand in a line or how to feel bad when he misses a shot.  I have informed the park district we will be cancelling our enrollment for next session if a new instructor is not found.  James has never complained about any activity I have put him in, but he actively doesn't want to go to this class.

Breakfast - 4 eggs fried in coconut oil, orange
Lunch - Leftover roast, green beans, potatoes
Dinner - Zucchini "noodles", Meat sauce (Kids and Jon had corn based pasta)  James enjoyed using the slicer to make my noodles though

I am really looking forward to tomorrow.  I have minimal work to do and nowhere I have to be.  I finally will have time to work on some things around here, maybe I'll find places for the things the kids got for Christmas!

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