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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Whole 30 Days 12-14

This has been a long but fun weekend.  I went to bed early Friday night to snuggle under the covers and read.  Friday was a great day where I had time to do some cleaning around the house which let us enjoy the warm weather even more.  The kids had a good afternoon playing with a balloon after their snack until we went to James' soccer.

Breakfast - Tea with lemon
Lunch - 3 eggs fried in coconut oil, leftover steak, orange
Dinner - leftover sauce with zucchini noodles
Snack - Banana

Saturday we spent the morning at the park. I was hopeful that my ankle was on the mend and was able to kick around with the kids for a little bit.  But as the morning went on I felt some twinges and quickly realized it wasn't as good as I thought.  Carolyn had an indoor soccer game and then we spent the afternoon at a winter carnival at the church where I attend MOPs.  The kids had a blast and we think we'll head back there for their egg hunt in a few weeks.  They'll actually hide the eggs so it should be more fun.  We then went to church and out for dinner before I headed out from my MOPs MNO.  I brought celery and guacamole there so I would have something to munch on.  It was a lot of fun to talk with other moms and just hang out.  It made me miss the moms' group I was a part of before we moved.  I hope that we'll start to make friends with some of the other parents at the kids' school and maybe start to hang out with some other families as our kids get older.

Breakfast - Omelet with avocado, green onion, cilantro, green pepper
Lunch - Apple with almond butter (ground in store, no additives), something else that I can't remember now
Dinner - Meatheads burger on lettuce with tomato, pickle, mushrooms, and mustard
Snack - celery with guacamole

Today was another awesome weather day and we spent nearly the whole morning at the park.  I played catch with Carolyn for a bit.  She can catch!  It was so awesome to be able to play catch and have her actually catching the ball in her mitt consistently.  The kids also took turns hitting and they're both getting pretty good and hitting a live ball.  This Spring should be a lot of fun for both of them.  After lunch we had quiet time and James and I both feel asleep.  Since I was up late last night and we spent the morning outside, it was what I needed.  My ankle has been really hurting for most of the day and I have had to wear the aircast.  So I decided to skip soccer tonight in hopes it'll be fully healed by next week.  It's a weird pain at the front of my ankle and rec soccer isn't worth taking any chances.

Breakfast - 3 eggs friend in coconut oil, bacon, orange
Lunch - 3 hardboiled eggs, celery with guacamole, apple
Dinner - Mahi, new recipe (that Carolyn asked for seconds on) with brocolli

Nearly 2 weeks into this I have to be honest and say I'm a little disappointed.  I don't feel like I've lost any weight or inches.  I don't feel like I have any more energy.  I was hoping to notice some sort of difference at this point.  But I am committed to keep going in hopes that at some point something in my body will reset.  I'm thinking I'm not seeing any major changes yet since I do typically eat pretty healthy and gave up wheat years ago.  We'll see where this takes me!

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