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Friday, February 19, 2016

Whole 30 Day 5

I made it another day!  Yes, I think I might just celebrate each day that I'm successful.  Rejoice in the small things, right?  Today was a bit harder and I found myself thinking I wanted something sweet.  I turned to grapes to take the edge and it worked for the most part.  I work up this morning with calf cramps.  I have been plagued by these since I stress fractured both shins playing college soccer (even 19 yos should not overtrain jumping on/off things).  I know that cramping can be due to dehydration and a lack of magnesium.  So today I had a bit more water and ate some cashews to try to help balance things out.  I do feel like my body is starting to try and flush some things out, so I should probably drink even more water than usual.  Perhaps a mug of tea before bed once I'm done with work.

This was really a great day though.  At MOPs we found our creative side and painted small canvases.  It was a lot of fun and I think I could get into it regularly if I had time.  I might start stocking up on some paints.  I was thinking that maybe I could buy a big roll of paper and the kids could decorate it and then we could use it as wrapping paper.  So much more fun than the store bought stuff, right?  And the kids could have an artistic outlet at the same time, and maybe even me.  The goal was to make a deeper connection with God.  I've being doing well with that lately so this was a really enjoyable meeting for me.  Can see the "ENJOY" and butterfly?  I love the bright colors and the subtleness of the word and butterfly make them feel lighter to me.  I've never really considered myself an artsy person, but I might be developing into more of one as I get older.

I dropped my car off for an oil change and walked home after the meeting.  First part of my workout for the day.  I had lunch, worked, and switched the laundry before going back to get my car.  The kids came home shortly thereafter and James snuggled in my lap for a long while before we headed to his soccer.  I also got in 2 sets with my 10lb kettlebell.  I think I might feel it a little tomorrow.  Carolyn tried to join in with the 5lb one, she is amazingly strong for a 7yo!  After soccer we came home for dinner and bedtime.  Carolyn just came out a few minutes and I want to record this interaction.

A little background... the interrim pastor is working with her class since they are making the First Communion this year.  He promised a full size candy bar to anyone in the class that could memorize the 10 commandments and write them down in order.  On the first try Carolyn got them all right but switched the order of 2.  So of course on the second try (the next day), she got them all right.  Today they had their next meeting with the pastor and she brought home her candy bar.  She got up from bed to tell me the candy is in her backpack - a big Reeses Peanut Butter cup.  She asked if she should take it out as she wanted to give it to me to share with Jon.  I was quite confused by this and in light of currently during the whole 30, quickly trying to figure out how to refuse the candy without making her upset.  I asked why she would give it to use when she received it for her own hard work.  Her response?  "You and dad helped me, so I was thinking I would give it to you."  I actually had tears in my eyes.  I told her the idea was very sweet of her but that she should get to keep it and if she wanted she can share it with James.  This kid has a heart of gold I tell you, just amazing.

Breakfast - 4 egg muffins, blueberries, cashews
Lunch - Leftover pepper steak
Snack - cashews
Dinner - leftover pork chop, pear

25 more days to go, I can do this.  Oh, and with a crazy twist of fate, I won a huge jar of coconut oil today at MOPs - it was handed out to anyone doing a Whole30.  Although I wonder if the person that handed it out has read this at all, haha.  Time to go fully relax before heading to bed!

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