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Monday, February 22, 2016

Whole 30 Day 8

Another day completed.  I sprained my ankle at soccer last night, so I did not sleep well.  I have kept it wrapped in an ace bandage, under ice, or in my air cast all day.  I spent a chunk  of the morning trying to remember where I put the air cast.  Funny enough, I had put it somewhere I would need it most... in my soccer bag!  I could have put it on last night and probably walked a bit better.  I have wonderful teammates though that helped me to the front desk, where we got a rolling desk chair, and then a teammate drove my car home while someone else followed.  I am feeling significantly better today and will ice one more time before bed.

Despite the pain of my ankle today, it's been a decent day.  I managed to complete all of my work this morning before heading to the school.  So this afternoon I spoke with Doris (my late grandfather's girlfriend) for a while and then worked on Carolyn's scarf.  It was really nice to hear from Doris - so mentally aware for 98, she was working on her taxes!  The scarf is coming along nicely as well, 2 of the letters completed and then it will go more quickly.  I might finish before winter ends.  The kids had their activities this afternoon - acting for James and softball for Carolyn.  Carolyn is really enjoying the classes and the coach has suggested she try out for the fastpitch this fall.  We'll see how things continue to progress.  I did find out about some possible summer opportunities for her to play which actually sound like they fit into our schedule pretty well.

While Carolyn was in her class, I sat with James and read some books.  He picked up one and I asked him to try it.  I had to ask him if it's a book he's read before as he was reading it SO well.  He has progressed so much this school year with his reading it's amazing.  I was shocked to see the words he was able to read without even sounding them out.

I started the kids working a bit on mobymax again.  It's interesting as both seem to love the science portion of the site.  It talks them through some lessons and then has them answer questions.  They are both working through their math facts as well.  Carolyn finished the addition in 2 days and is over 30% of the way through subtraction.  This was kind of expected and she's excited to move on to multiplication soon.  James again has really surprised me is at 52% for the addition already.  I do give him 10 seconds compared to Carolyn's 6 seconds as it takes him longer to find the buttons to push.  Plus I'll probably reset his account at the start of next school year and move the time down then to be sure he knows them all.  I am really interested now in what his NU CTD test results are going to look like.  Both of these kids continue to amaze me on so many levels.

Breakfast - 3.5 eggs fried in coconut oil, green pepper, blueberries
Snack - tea with lemon
Lunch - Leftover chicken stir fry
Snack - cashews and brazil nuts
Dinner - Chicken "nachos" - I pulled my portion out and put the chicken over romaine lettuce then added the avocado, cilantro, and green onions - the rest of the family I put corn tortilla chips into a pan, topped with the chicken and then melted monterey jack cheese on top, topped by the avocado, cilantro, and green onions.  This has become a new family favorite and is quite easy to prepare.

I got a spiralizer in the mail today.  I can't wait to give it a try.  So much so that I think I might change up our meal plan for the weak and do pasta on Thursday, giving myself zuchinni noodles instead.  I am excited to use it for making stir fry as well.  I have a feeling the kids will enjoy use it too.

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