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Monday, January 16, 2012

Carolyn amazes me

Really, the things my 3.5 year old likes to eat is amazing at times.  I always hear parents complaining about how their kids won't eat fruits or vegetables.  Well, my theory from the beginning was, introduce only what I want them eating and they won't know to ask for anything else.  So my kids don't drink juice, except for the rare juice box at a playgroup.  And only then does Carolyn take a couple sips before asking for her water cup.  Neither child drinks any pop, I only drink it rarely.  They both do well on water and milk.  James is still nursing, so pretty much only has water from a cup.  I made all of their baby food except for the oatmeal and multigrain cereal.  I never did the rice cereal, it just didn't seem appetizing to me.
Last night after dinner I found Carolyn walking around with her snack cup full of Cheerios, not 5 minutes after dinner.  She informed me she needed something crunchy.  She then happily exchanged the cheerios for carrots.  The most amazing things lately was today's breakfast, which she happily gobbled up.

Hardboiled Eggs (Carolyn refuses to eat the yolk)
Sliced green peppers

Unfortunately, I am already feeling hungry.  So while I put dinner together (chicken soup in the crockpot) I stole some celery.  As I sort out portion sizes over the next week, I may just be joining the kids in some of their snacking.  We'll see how scrambled eggs fairs tomorrow for keeping me full.  We don't have enough veggies on hand right now for me to fill up on them, which is why I'm not doing this fully until next week.

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