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Saturday, January 21, 2012


So after nearly a week (officially tomorrow @ lunch), I honestly expected more.  Today I've been exahusted, really wanted to nap when the kids were down.  Would have been a great day to do so too, since James slept 2.5 hours in his crib!  But I was working.  I worked out pretty diligently this week - Mon, Tues, Wed, and today did a crossfit workout.  Those are tough and heavy weights with a tiny bit of cardio due to the circuits built in.  Wed night I played 2 soccer games, sitting out only about 2 minutes.  Friday I shoveled snow for over an hour, so chose to skip working out.  Scraping the ice off the driveway was actually somewhat therapeutic.

Today I'm not as hungry.  Had a great breakfast of bacon and an omelet with cheese and green pepper.  For lunch I had chicken salad, monterey jack cheese, and carrots.  I'm still full from that almost 4 hours later.  So that's definitely a good thing.

I went to bed at 8, Jon says I was out at 8:15.  But I tossed and turned most of the night and have been up since 6 for the most part.  What gives here?  I thought sleep was supposed to improve.

I'm still having headaches.  They, of course, could be due to the weather and the crazy dryness that we're experiencing.  Luckily it's due to warm up a little and hopefully the snow melting will help with that some.  But headaches are a big reason I was doing this.  I'm still getting dizzy too.

I know, I really shouldn't expect miracles after a week.  But I was expecting to notice something positive.  I had big hopes when I got on the scale this morning.  I have plenty of weight to lose, probably 40lbs to be considered "normal" BMI.  Not that I consider BMI a good measure, especially considering that I know I am pretty strong (muscle) and have a large chest (34FF).  But I also have plenty of inches to lose all over and pounds to go with it.  Yet, I gained 5lbs from the last time I weighed.  I'm going to give this 4 weeks, so until Feb 12.  But I honestly have to say that if I don't start to notice some real benefits here, I don't know I can keep this up.  I took measurements today and recorded them on my computer, but I'm a little embarassed to share them.  So I'll simply report back on the changes I notice starting next week.  Although it was interesting to discover that my left thigh is 1" smaller than my right.  I'm sure there's some margin for error there, but that's a big difference.  Makes sense I suppose since I'm a righty.

Hoping to share better news next week!

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