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Friday, January 20, 2012

My Different 3 year old

My kids' eating habits are quite different from the typical child.  Carolyn's memory for McDonald's is playing in the playland while Jon and I had hot chocolate.  We went there once last winter so she could play.  Neither child gets juice very often, James none so far.  Before we started this journey they already loved fruit and veggies. 

But just how different my kids are has become more apparent this week.  Carolyn's choice for lunch today... green beans with last night's sauce.  That sauce was pretty much tomatoes and cheese.  She ate a full plate and asked for more.  James a little of everything - green beans, sauce, cheese, and tuna salad.

I do wonder how this will change as they start school and are around others more for meals.  But that's looking to be about 18 months away at this point.  By then the no wheat will be just normal to them.  And James will never have really known anything different.  I don't want to raise the "weird" kids, just healthy, smart, and as well adjusted as possible. 

About time to go enjoy the snow with these kids.

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