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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Stopped by the grocery store last night on my way to soccer.  Got a 9lb ham for just over $5, the kids will love that.  Also got more green pepper, cheese, oranges and other staples.  I also treated myself to a container of almonds.  Nuts are expensive!  Anyway, had them on the counter this morning and Carolyn asked about them.  Once we sat down to breakfast, I let her try one.  I wanted to be sure she could chew it well.  Not only could she chew it fine, but she loves them!  Kept asking for me.  This is good, because almonds are cheaper than cashews.  I also let James try a couple.  The first one he did great with.  The second one he spit out almost fully chewed, but I suspect it was because he wanted the orange I was peeling ;-).  He asked for another after the orange and had no trouble with it.  So I've found a great snack for all of us, with wonderful fats. 

I have a terrible headache this morning, but I suspect it's from interrupted sleeping last night.  I think James is going through an adjustment period with the no wheat and he's been up a lot.  Hopefully he'll get through this soon so we can all get some more sleep!

I played soccer last night and it felt wonderful!  I was super sore beforehand from the crossfit workouts, so a little worried.  When I found out we only had 1 sub, I was more worried.  But after I got going, I felt great.  I only subbed out for 2 minutes in the first game, since we lost our sub to injury for the second half.  So I played 38 minutes at center forward/mid.  Then I played the whole second game in goal.  Since they were playing the top team I had to do a lot of work.  Overall, a great night and it was amazing to not be exhausted afterwards.  If I can find the money, maybe I can play on 2 teams again next session.

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