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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Full tummies

So no improvements in sleep last night.  James was up twice before 10, although he did then sleep through until 5:15.  And he did go back to sleep with me until 6:40 after nursing.  Carolyn was up a couple times, bad dreams I suspect.  But we weren't really expecting miracles over night!
Breakfast this morning wasn't challenging at all.  I offered Carolyn scrambled eggs, but she asked for a hardboiled egg instead.  Since I already had some in the fridge, I obliged.  Looking like everyone has a full tummy this morning because James is a big fan of scrambled eggs and gobbled up his and some of mine.

Scrambled eggs with chopped green pepper and mozarella cheese
Banana (kids only)
Milk (Me and Carolyn)
Carolyn - hard boiled egg with sliced green pepper

Not sure what we'll do tomorrow since we're out of green pepper.  Might check out the freezer for some frozen veggie that would work with breakfast.  I ate so much that I was definitely full.  So perhaps there is some truth that you eat less when not filling up on grains.  Heading to the store tomorrow night and hoping to get some more veggies and maybe some nuts.  Thinking I might even let the kids eat some of the softer nuts like cashews.  They're both great at chewing their food and already handle all sorts of raw veggies, including carrots.

I think I'm going to fill one snack cup with Chex today and see how that goes.  While it's not ideal, it's gluten free and might help to wean them off their cups in the car. 

Here's to day 2 wheat free!

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