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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Feeling Full!

It's amazing how much less hungry I am getting.  Don't feel the need to snack anymore and much smaller portions keep me going for longer.  And I am getting my energy back too.  Did a great crossfit workout today and pushed myself, but didn't feel like I was going to die afterward.  Looking forward to playing soccer tomorrow and having the energy to run around a bunch.

Breakfast was haphazard
Carolyn - hardboiled egg, carrots, banana, clementine
Me - PB waffle leftover from Sunday, milk, clementine
James - waffle, banana, clementine, raisins

Lunch was leftovers while I was on a conference call
Ham, cheese, apples

Dinner was an attempt at alternative pizza crust.  It didn't go over very well.  It was quite filling and we ate it, but we will not make it again.

I am excited to get some of my birthday presents this year as I've asked for some of the special ingredients that don't quite fit into our regular food budget.

Off to finish listening to Obama's State of the Union.

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